Awesome features

What you do with it is up to you, now go join the Chatr.

Local offerings

Discover great offerings from your favorite places all conveniently placed on the map!


Whether you want to talk to the fans right next to you at the big sports game, or ask people about your favorite snowboarding mountain across the country - we've got you covered! Find chats, deals, and events all based upon location.

Real-time feeds

Chatr is a unique way to interact with your city and keep up to date with realtime events, local offerings, and the people around you. With Chatr you can browse or create customized activity feeds for any city, building, campus, event, or wherever you find yourself!

Get connected without introductions!

We carefully designed the app to put the social back in social media. There are no private groups here - everyone get's to be in on the fun!

College campuses

College student? We've got you covered! Campus chats have unique features that allows you collaborate, share notes, and chat with your classmates without exchanging any numbers.

Are you a business?

We've got an exciting opportunity for you! Make your local presence known by joining in on the Chatr. Business accounts have special tools designed to help you get in front of potential customers. Email to find out more!

Meet ChatrBot!

Your personal helper for any questions you may have regarding Chatr. Don't be afraid, say hi! ChatrBot is pretty smart, but if you stump him - please send us an email at We're happy to help.

Submit Feedback

We want to thank you for beta testing Chatr! We hope you enjoy this new way to connect. If you have any thoughts, criticisms, suggestions, or really anything, we'd love to hear from you. Your feedback is very important to us.